BLACKRAPID Guest Post by Daniel Holmes | MAILBOX PEAK, North Bend, WA


I am sitting at home on a Monday night after a long first day back in the office and the phone rings. “Hey man, I am thinking photos and hike tomorrow, you in?” This was of course a call from the media guru, Tyler Lee, at another local Pacific Northwest lifestyle brand, KAVU So I packed up my day bag and was ready to go for the new morning commute.

If anyone has traveled from Seattle to North Bend they know it’s only a matter of time before your standing at a trailhead, still trying to get your coffee to kick in and wondering how you got there so fast. Hiking is so accessible in this town its literally in people’s backyards. Try the cherry pie if your in town 😉


This is the age old question for photographer’s right? Should I leave it? Should I pack it? Part of our mission is to allow people to carry their gear while staying present in the moment cough* #livethemoment cough*. Pictured below is Blackrapid’s connection to the camera. It allows the camera to be ready at all times: no more stopping, no more taking your backpack off, no more of anything. Just shooting.mailbox


Big ups to DNR, Mountains to Sound Greenway, Washington Trails Association, and EarthCorps for building this incredible new trail. It made the 3,800 elevation gain more manageable, but even the trail couldn’t stop the blood, sweat and tears….mailbox


Getting to the top was not a stroll in the park, this hike is for real. It will tear you down in a relentless way. The trail goes up. That’s all. You are going up. We wanted to stop, we didn’t. After a few minutes (20 minutes) of sitting down trying to catch our breaths. We started shooting some photos and came up with some interesting looks. The sky has been a little hazy, because of all the recent wildfires in Eastern Washington. So, we tried to make the look we were naturally getting work for us, not against us.

FOOTNOTES: photos by @thedinoden and @tylerlee41 find us on instagram